Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TP website is freaking irritating..

Guess this is the second time I am ranting about TP website. And yes, I am as frustrated as the previous entry about TP WEBSITE.

Totally can't understand why the school can't email us using our PERSONAL email. With providers like MSN, Gmail, Yahoomail, etc. They are seriously seriously much muCH MUCH BETTER!!

Not only speed-wise, you can also put those unimportant stuff into JUNK MAIL.

I was thinking of requesting the school to send mails to my personal mailbox directly instead of the TP one. Apparently, my sister asked for it some time ago and they said " NO".

Like what the hell yea? Since the school want us to use it. They should make sure that it's good and efficient!! And the case is that, the whole tp site is a laggy piece of ^%@$&. Cries.

Seriously got to hand up my APEL portfolio tomorrow. Which I got to know from my classmates like 2hours ago?! (Obviously e info did not register into my head when teacher mentioned it. )

And the sucky thing is that, my Olevel cert is inside mummy's safe. Kuakua.. Can't get ler.. Shall plead for 1 more week from teacher tmr. Hopefully it helps. Hah! Anw, got to print out my personality test, and life mission statement which the latter is yet to be done.

To add on to my misery,
I did not even look at my FA1 lecture/tutorial from last week, and there's tutorial tomorrow. Ahh! No more slacking with Rayner during the weekends. Lepak here lepak there. Lol.

But, had an enjoyable weekend with you darling. ^^

Look out to my blog peeps.! Will be uploading my weekend later this week! =D
(I took too much picture using my hp till my phone storage is not enough, and I got to like delete aalllloooott of past pictures just to take a few more shots of my weekend.)

and that's how back dated I am on uploading my pictures.

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