Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vee ^^. I edited it out of fun. =b

Note! : This is not the final version of Vee's work.

I edited this picture since I can't fall asleep now.
You people can comment on it yea?
I really don't know what kind of B & W is considered nice..
So, all is set through my viewpoint. Hahas!!!

Vee was also guiding and teaching me in the shoot.
And I realised I have so many flaws to be corrected. =)
Hopefully photographers who are shooting me in the future are game for such shoots. ^^
Enough of smiley xmm pictures.
Lets try fierce, wild, sexy, with lots of curves!


To: Vee

Thank you sooooo much for your guidance and patience. Although you are hard on me, I know it's all for my own good. Hahas! Really learn alot. And I practiced on the straight head thingie yea!! Hahas! Shall show you in our future shoots! ^^

To: Myself

Oh my, you are such a perfectionist when come to things you can control, and it's within reach. Sometimes to the extend when it's scary. Relax darling girl, it takes time to learn. Don't rush things too fast. Come to think of it, you are just 2 months into this. Like someone once said, you have all the way till your mid-twenties. ^^
(solely for self motivation purposes)


Hahas. Sometimes when I see girls thinking that they are cut enough for this modeling stuff, it sets me thinking..

(Usually I feel that they are thinking too highly, and of course, I am just referring to those new ones. I feel that they are not up to the mark, & that doesn't excludes me.)

What does it take to be considered a good model, or a good talent? And here's what I deduce.

65% - Appearance
15% - Connections
10% - Brains
5% - Hardwork
5% - Luck

What do you people think?
Oh god, really need to sleep, it's 6.50am already. =)

(p/s Please do not think that becoming a model is what I want in life. Just to inform you peeps, it's not! Hahas! I want to become a broker, an auditor, an accountant. And, it's just me to do stuff, or try to do stuff to the max(almost) of my capability when I am doing it. -- argh, kinda messy, whatever, got to got to sleeppp )

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