Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 inches away !!!

I cut my hair!!
Actually, I somewhat promised myself to not cut my hair till next year and seee!!!? I cut it again.

I went to test drive the new salon/stylist house (they look like a stylist house, but other than that, everything is v salon-y), with mummy. Mummy permed her hair, while I did treatment and cut.

Apparently, my hair is super damage after swimming, cause I can't steam my hair cause Nana spoilt their sauna(just my guess)! Allowing the chlorine to linger on my hair for so v long. zzZ. Hair is obviously better, healthier, and shorter now! I said trim, he cut. =S

Ahhh, fine, it will grow. =)

Anw, I feel, the service there is not professional enough. I remembered when I go to X'pects Studio, they will wash the comb and sterilise it when it drops on the floor. The new salon don't! That Malaysian auntie just picked it up and continue. zZ. But mummy don't find it bothering... oh well.. Generation gap. We just want to be treated like god, whereas they can make do with stuffs.

However, got to give the salon some credit yea? The guy who did my hair is kindda hot(sry Rayner, you are hot too!). Hahas, the good side is, he is 20. Bad side, he is a Malaysian. zZ. Hahas! Not that I will do anything funny la, Rayner, you can put down ur guard. (lol!) Just that it's enjoyable to see macho guys do your hair yea? ^^

Shall end it here, having menstrual cramps with no menses. How sick.

And gg off to school later, and, I have a whole CSA project yet to be done, and the due date is on Monday 9am!!!

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