Monday, June 9, 2008

Shall stop shall stop..

Hahas. Thought of blogging all but... nahh.. Too much for me to handle. Sitting up on my bed is causing my waist to give way.. LOL!. Shall stop here.

Later will be a busy day for me... Casting and photo shoot.

and the worst thing is that, I left my heels at nana's place. ROAR! Now I have all the more reason to buy more high high heels. Anw, I read from someone, i forgot who's, blog, and she has a 5inches high highheels. I want! Hahas!

And, I am most likely going to do a theme shoot, high school stereotype.
So, I need a classroom setting. Hopefully, very hopefully. My secondary school's DM will allow me. I shall beg and cry for it. -- No la.. I am exaggerating. It's the time of the night. Going sot sot teng~

Other then the class, I need the standard white top blue plated bottom uniform. If any one of u readers happen to have, do lend me! ^^

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