Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I a m a b s o l u t e l y E L A T E D ! =B

Joy should know the reason why..
yea girl? R O A R RR RR RR R
There's so much stored energy in me and I am alone so I can't really express it out.!

Wahhhahaas! So h a p p y y y y y . . . .

Raynerboy, i still love you! ooOPs. Hahas! xD
Alright, guess I am too random. Ending here.

Ohyah, sidetracking.
Do click click on my portfolio link on the left panel, on top of all the links yea? Cause I am really really busy. =S Till I never post some of the pictures up. So. click click. =D

Oh yah.. The sudden richness that I had made me slurge in SA SA. And I even sign on the PINK LIST so they will email me when theere's any promotion etc. Wah!

Dort. This entry is getting no where. I am in school and it's 30 mins till my tutorial.. Yawn.s.

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