Friday, June 27, 2008

INCEST!! Oh god, I am so excited!!

Know why, know why???

Because PAPA is going to mate the noisy bird at home!! Eh, sounds like a bad thing cause of the noise and stuff, BBUUUTTT, just imagine!

Two birds humping each other while the other watch!!!! Cool yea? That will be so incest!!
(Papa bought 2 birdies back. And their mother and daughter.. So, if either one were to sex the man bird, another will be watching! Hahas! This is getting me all excited.)

Erm, okay okay, put aside sexual thoughts.. Isn't it interesting to see them lay eggs in the basket and soon the eggies will hatch into many many many many noiiiiisssyyyyyy lil birdiesss?! This is even more exciting that the reason why I was elated few entries ago! Hah!

I will so update y'all about the mating etc yea?!

Anw, the species of the bird is called, "BO-LO-BOK", or "Kutut". Wahaha! So, sooon, I will be having dozens of boloboks at home!!
And they will be yakking, "kuuuuuuu-ku-ku-ku-kuu" x 7418107401 per day. AHHHH!

lols. Anw, skipped school today. >.< Without MC somemore.
Going sentosa with Rayner tmr, and that is if we can wake up in the morning, lol. And, having a shoot this weekend! Japanese school girl, here I come. Hahas! Kinky..

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