Monday, June 16, 2008

Rayner is so adorable!

Few days back, we went Chomp Chomp..

J : -looking at the bbq stall menu-
J : Eh, you dare to eat cockles not?

R : Err, don't really like it..

J : I know la, hahas. You said you don't eat "ham" before mah..

R : -frown-
R : Yah, I don't eat "ham", but this is not "ham". "ham" no shell.

J : -laughing-
J : Oh, so you saying that cockles are the ones with the shell, and "ham" the ones without yea?

R : -obviously paranoid-
R : Yah??!!?!!

J : They are the same la! Haha!

R : -totally pissed-
R : NOOOOOO?! Different lo.

J : -threaten to post in my blog-

Hhahas! Love my H-IMBO boyfriend! =)

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