Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy busy yesterday..

Heyyya! Enough of the previous issue!
Now, update you guys about yesterday..

The casting yea?
I got in! So will be working on fridays and weekends! In other words, a very packed holiday! Hahas! Bad thing is that, the salary will only be in the next month! E x c l a i m ! !

I went to a shoot with Vee and learnt alot!! Great experince lo! =) I posed till my SHOULDERS DEVELOPED MUSCLES! Hehe! Got to give him some more time to slowly filter out the gems in the mass of mud. -- Hahas!

I have alot of pictures to post! And I don't have the time.! I remembered saying in one of my previous entry that this holiday must be a fruitful one yea? Now it's really packed! Hahs!
Nevertheless, I will make time to post those personal and modeling photos up!
SSOOOO, check back often yea!?

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