Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kennz PhotoWorks.

I received quite an amount of pictures already.

And I've been procrastinating since birth till I finally feel like posting some up.

2 more picture from Kennz. =)

Er. Yes. I've noticed the folds behind my back.
But no one told me. =/
And, I am too lazy to edit it away.

This composition was deliberate by the photographer.
I didn't changed much,
I just added about +17 contrast.
I think it helps me to stand out more.

weehhh` That's all.

(Oh god, I am bored till I commented on my pictures. Lols. Constructive criticism is always beneficial. =))

Speaking about criticism. An ass commented saying that my thigh is fat.
Com'on, you should say that I am too skinny like chopsticks or something. Which I totally disagree. I feel that mine is of proportionate size. Hah!

Ahh, I can't sleep,
and time check, it's 6.21am, and I have to get ready for work at 11.20am!!?
Oh god, please not let my body clock get screwed up! Holiday is too short for it! Otherwise, I will be going to school like a living zombie. How sad, 9 more days till first day of school. And my classmates, and team members are having a hard time to get me to discuss for project. LOL!

R O A R R R R R ! ! ! !
And got to go to a pub to check for the availability for a photo shoot.
And got to go back to school to check for the availability for another shoot.
Can die can die. TOO STRESS AT now, 6.24am.

Rayner boy is freaking sleeping while I am awake.
Thanks pig.

=S. Too bored yet too lazy to blog some more.
Shall play rewujie! Wahahas. Madness.

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