Thursday, July 3, 2008

Screw you fucked up girls.

You girls must be too bored with life to even say such things!
R O A R .

I, JOCELYN KAU SHI XUAN, is utterly disgusted and pissed of by a bunch of wannabe models!
Now all I want to say is FAAAARRRKKKKK OFFFFFFFF in their freaking full of cheap makeup-ed face, and make sure I produce enough saliva and hot air into their face till their makeup CAKES!

Know what? If any one of you reading this are from the photographer community, and heard rumors about me, PLEASE DO NOT NAVIGATE OUT OF THIS PAGE and FINISH READING this entry.

From a reliable source, I heard news about rumors spreading between fucked up talents/photographers that I had something on with PHOTOGRAPHER X.

Now, allow me to clear your thoughts.
I ought to keep my reputation clean.

Rumor 1. I am very close to PHOTOGRAPHER X, and I may even be two-timing Rayner with him.

Erms?! Like what the hell?! I am quite well known with bringing Rayner with me to my every shoot, so HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Two-timing him with Rayner? This is atrocious! Why would I go for an old man when I am not deprive of anything? From love, to money, to physical pleasure?

Rumor 2. I allow PHOTOGRAPHER X to touch me.

This is worst la. I only shot once with him. And my boy was there. Do you think he dare to?! And com'on people, think! I don't even agree to shoot bikini wear/ lingerie, do you think I will allow that to happen?! With my personality and style, I won't stoop so low for which ever benefit that I might reap. I do know some girls that allow that for fame, but certainly not me. Go ask around, when photographers suggest for certain poses which I think it's kinda R(a), I will just decline to do. This is what I am, and how I work.

Concerned photographers, you can leave me comment/pm/msn if you want to know more. =D I will certainly put in an effort to clear my name. Thanks.

And girls, FUCK OFF.
I remembered someone once told me that my reputation will not be up for long.
Haha, thanks bitch, now I know why.

And, I know you will never agree that you are jealous of me. =)
At the very least, I did not stoop so low, unlike you.

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