Monday, July 14, 2008

Video blog and replies to comments.

Video blogging.

Replies to comments.

  • To Someone` Hahas! Yeaps, I agree that her English is sucky. And yeaps, me too thinks that she is a lil bit illiterate. Cause, she can't really think of more words to say than, LOL and Hahas. But, she really wants to mock at me. So, kindda boliao for her. She has nothing to use but those two common words, oh so frequently.
  • To Joy` Muahahas! YEahhhh! I mentioned you in my video! Hahas! See? You are always in my mind. Aren't you super touched?! =D
  • To Phiyornah` Eh, I seriously hate haloscan for not allow me to reply comment there. I need to spell out your name and everytime, I will spell it wrongly at the first type. -- Anw, hahas! My blog manager. Anw, the purpose of your current comment is mainly for others and not me, so I shouldn't have much stuff to reply you. But look! I typed so many random stuff till it looks like a long reply. kuakua...
  • To Lj-ier` Hahas! Thanks my MIA reader! Disturbing? Hahhas! Actually that was a super boliao video lo. And I prefer typing. Contridicting I know, cause today's entry is yet another.. video!
  • To Kai png` Ahahas! Sherk! Anw, thanks thanks. And yeaps, I said happy bd to you ler lo! ^^
  • To F` No she doesn't.
  • To Huyi` Thanks! Hahas! How you know is my birthday man? Didn't know you read my blog! Loll!!
  • To Franky` Thank you! And yea, I doubt we know each other in real life yea? Anw, super nice of you to comment! =)
  • To Veene` Erm, I feel super disgusted by your way of typing. Disgusting leh. Seriously, I don't really like twits. Pardon me for being truthful. And I can't really comprehen what you are trying to see. Hopefully you can recomment with proper english or some kind soul would like to do it for me. By the way, what does me being a hypocrite got to do with Tabi flaming me and vice versa? Are you trying to use a negative word on me, but don't understand the meaning? Frankly speaking, I am a hypocrite. I can't help it. =D
  • To unknown` Hahas! Thank you thank you.
  • To unknown` Eh, how come you sent twice. And now I became plain hot, rather than hot. Hahas!.

That's all the comments I have so far. Keep em' coming. ^^

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