Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to the 二舅 birthday part-ae~* [pt 1]

Apparently, I have close to 1 thousand photos yet to be deleted, edited and chosen to be uploaded into photobucket and my blog. >.< However, I've sorted them out into folders.

I.e. I will be blogging photos almost everyday! So do check back yea?!

Anyway, pictures were taken on Saturday night(26th Jul) , Sunday morning(27th Jul).
The party was held at Dargonfly. =D
Yeayea? How can a 17 year old girl enter yea? Why nots?! Hahas!
I think 二舅 is a VIP or member of some sort? o.O??

Btw, it was my second time to Dragonfly. The first was exactly one weekend ago from his birthday. And yea, photos are still stored safetly in my computer. Hah!

First up, just sharing some cam-whore pictures of Nana and I! Will post rest of the party scene tomorrow! ^^

My eye makeup for that night.
Note my lash! Chio yea? Natural de norh!

Note her RETRO HAIR! LOls

Erm, and then she got bored and started playing w her
^quoted from nana^

This is much better.
But note her dead eyes.
I think she saw too much of 它壁 dead fish eyes photos
till she got it herself.

*cough* above picture is dedicated to *cough**cough*..
Yea man.

Till my next entry
Updated : Did y'all notice that I changed my eyebrows? =D
I did it all by myself. ^^

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