Sunday, July 6, 2008

Haloscan is down..

So I decided to type out my reply to you here.

Firstly, Tabi, why are you using the name CHARIS and LOL to comment on our blogs (my sister and I)? It is kinda disturbing. Be yourself! Why? You are afraid that people google your Tabi name and all sorts of junk comes spilling out?! OH, or you have a smelly name till you need to change in from time to time?


I am going to reply to your comment, line to line.

Quote, "wat we agreed on was to stop saying anything abt each other. n u said u will delete all my stuff frm ur blog. u din keep to ur part of the bargain so y shud i keep to mine?"

I offered to take away entry related/involing Tabi (assuming Charis and Tabi is the same person and you are here because I blogged about Tabi). BUT you declined - asking for a "paiseh" instead. Didn't you get what you wanted?
Sidetracking, have you been trying to comment my blog everyday? I'm so sorry that you've been wasting your time here. Cause you've been banned all along, until few days back. I got the impression that you've been trying every single day, cause the moment I lifted the ban, you comment came through. I.e. I did not receive your past comments, despite you trying so hard to get to me.

To readers excluding Charis,
I don't know if it's a problem with me, or what. Her use of the word "bargain" is just damn wrong, yea? Isn't it suppose for selling stuff/prices/trade.. etc? She made it sound like I am selling her my smelly socks. Hah!

Quote, "u wanna tk legal actions i'll join u.cos rmb.. my name, photo etc are all in ur blog? So u wanna try me?"

Remember, remember what?! Your name is CHARIS. I don't remember blogging anything about Charis is my page. Legal actions? Hmm, you try me then. SEARCH for your pictures then. Charis is faceless anyway.

Quote, "i promise u i will do wat i say haha", "n u knw i ALWAYS keep to my words hahaha".

Oh my god. I need to laugh even louder than you but my entry spaces are limited. (I doubt you get my scarsm). And, no I don't know that you keep your words, cause you don't. You were such a pussy when you speak on the phone. And when your "da jie" was there, what was your tone of voice? Dot. What's so glamorous to "peng wei" ? and say that you are smart to "peng wei". Eh? It's not that we are gulible, it's that we thought that "ah lians" of standards won't do it. Apparently, you are nothing but a little fly. You are lucky that you did not tell us the name of your "shirt", otherwise, you are going to bring the name down for at least a hundred years. All I know is that it's a loserish thing to do in the "ah-lian-community". So, I am not even a tad scared by your threatenings cause, you NEVER keep your words.

Quote, "watch us ruin ur life step by step. fighting is stupid. we shall do it the smart way. haha. a person like u will lose EVERYTHING u have one day. sit back and ENJOY as ur romance, career, reputation & life comes crumbling down".

HAHA! See? You are not a stand-alone. You need backups, you need your friends and sisters. Note the word, "we". What a loser are you. At your age, you are still a "ginna". Let me think about my time in that "community", hah! I was so much younger yet my "rank" is so much higher. Loser is the only word I can use to describe you. Smart way?! Cool. I am anticipating your show. =) Romance, career, reputation and life? Com'on, try. I would be more than glad to see how you are going to play God. Wonder how you and your prophets are going to change my life.

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