Monday, July 7, 2008

Relax Charis/Tabi/Lol

Your comments are noted.

Here, a piece of advice for you.

Cool down, and drink some herbal tea, you are obviously too pissed of with me to even comment on me. Weird sentence structure, all-over-the-place statements, and multiple comments of the same kinds using that few similar words all over the place. You do not have to comment in my Haloscan and email me everywhere for me to see your words. Just to be frank, it shows that you are extremely desperate to threaten me. Now, let me tell you something that will benefit you loads.

Your sinister words are too mediocre and shallow to even strike a wee bit of fear in me. If you are showing me that you are a rowdy uneducated hooligan, who's at the background, striving hard to be seen and heard,.. Yay, congrats to you. You've succeeded. If you are not, I honestly don't know what you are, and you've been, up to.

Anw, I've got sick of you. Laughing at your broad and spacious face only took away few days of my attention. Now, you are no longer someone who I feel want to have your looks compared to mine. Now, you are nothing but a horribly ugly flabby looking girl which constantly want to fight me so that you can scar my pretty face, which you are utterly jealous of.

Laughs. You are someone full of self confidence, and I am in no mood to bring it down. Cause, it will do me no good, in fact, it'll cast an accidental fame on you. But, seriously, you ain't no pretty thing. Try this, squint your face, frown, open your mouth wider and say the word "wei" (drag). See that two strokes of depression at the midst of your cheek? That was what I was staring half of the time I saw you the other day. The other half was sparingly spread with looking at your, bad rebonded dry and coarse hair, flabby arms with stretch marks near your armpits, tiny puffy eyes with the bad pearl purple makeup. How you disgust me with your blouse. I wore that 2 days before that meetup. And, you should seriously stop saying that I am stumpy. Call me a mosquito instead, stumpy is a wrong word to use. My thigh is freaking thin and close to parallel! Whatever, this shall be the last time I bring fame to you through my lil-famous-blog.

Ugly girls with bad ethics shouldn't get this much attention.
This is a privilege that I even bother to critic you from head to toe. Thank me, I know I am good.

By the way, from your email, you said that you've given me a present. Erm, where is it? I am dying to receive them. =)

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