Monday, July 14, 2008

First day of 17.. I wanna...

Thank all those who wish me a happy birthday. =)

Rayner, Joy, Fiona, Papa, Mummy, Daddy, Nai nai, Er Jiu, Angela, Rinda, Vivien, Cynthia, Ivan, Eric, Veronica, Jia Ming, Chong Hao, Hu Yi, KenLim, KenSu, Andri, HuiLing, Nicolette, ZhiHui, JiaHan, Michelle, JieHao, Vee, Sebas, Lj-ier, Kai Png, Sparky, Manfred, NZ, Alan Tan, ChongYewPhun, John Scott, Melvin and a whole bunch of unknown numbers, thanks to SY...

Hahas! Seems as though I have lots of friends wishing me happy birthday eh? Actually, half of them are family member, another 1/3 is unknown people from online (facebook, friendster), and left with a tiny fraction from actual people. Hahas!

No matter what, love you all. Muacks.

Anw, most people are asking how Rayner celebrate my birthday for me ehs?
Muahahas! It's nothing vvvv surprising, but, still special in his own way~
Lalalal~ Shall keep you all in suspense.
Pictures... Later of the week alright? I've got a Financial Accounting test tomorrow. And As usual, last minute revision again..

Coffe Bean here I come. =D

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