Wednesday, December 17, 2008

F E A R . H I M ! ! ! Rayner the Mummy Ninja!!!

Dated long long ago.
Somewhere around the end of September 08.

Starring: Rayner
Location: Esplanade

Actually, he kindda look like terrorist, no?
Look at the bottom picture, second from the right. Yeps, that with the police man.
I remembered Charlotte, Ryan and I was hand signaling the police guy, saying Rayner was senile, so ignore him or something along the line.

There was this other funny part, where he walked past this Singh (Did I spell it correctly? Y'all know, the religion whereby guys need to wear turban.) man. And he was frowning at Rayner. Cause it was in a way insulting.

So Rayner waved to him.. Cause he couldn't really see clearly through my scarf.

Funny entertaining moment sial!!

Ahh, come to think of it. Kindda miss going out with Charlotte and Ryan.
Pity that the dude got to serve army.

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