Monday, November 10, 2008

Current mood : Annoyed.

Reason? Read on..

I bet many feel that I am super mean to not remove the photographer's name in the above screen shot. Well, I did remove it at first. But, come to think of it. If he did not show me any basic respect, why should I?

Anw. Just to narrate how this email thingie came across..
After looking at my pictures from Multiply, this photographer emailed me through Multiply, asking if I do TFCD or paid shoots yea?

And we continued to negotiate and stuff. Then, I rejected his TFCD offer after seeing the 2 portfolio links he showed me. I replied politely, saying that his style is different from mine, and it's not what I am looking for.

Guess he was unhappy and replied in such a fucked up cocky manner.

Goodness gracious.
Actual reason of rejecting his TFCD offer? His pictures are all not up to standard. Post processing is bad, cropping is bad. Harlo?! I wouldn't mind I am paid. I wouldn't even care about the outcome of the picture. If photographer's standard is not up to MY standard, then so sorry. Pay or try again next time. *pouts*

NOT be yaya, cocky, and disrespectful towards me!

Come to think of it. If the photographer is damn good and stuff, he shouldn't be worried about getting models. So why harp on such a small fry like me!?

What a no-brainer!

And, I don't care if the photographer reads this, or photographers shun me what so ever.
Cause, I CANNOT stand being disrespected.

Where's the professionalism!?

But mind all of you. If you show me the necessary respect, you will be treated with even more respect from me. =)

Alright, enough of this annoying shit. Nights to all!
And it's yet another school week. =S

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