Friday, November 28, 2008

Ughh, sick.

Is my body really that weak or am I just in the state of denial to start studying..?

Guess the latter sounds more like it. >.<

I've been feeling sick, headache, congested in the head area, sore at e throat, and aches all over my body,.. since last Friday. Though I did not visit any doctor, I should have had recovered days ago! Goodness, those pains come and go. For a while I am good, the next I feel like I need to pop in another panadol, or two.

This sucks.

I might be lacking in Vitamin C, but to be frank, I guess it's the arrival of mid-semester test. Sulk. My body's malfunction is totally refraining myself from studying! Bullshit! I know. That's why I say, state of denial.

Whoever that's up there, please bless me with the passion to learn and mug like how you gave me my passion for lust. God, I need Rayner.

To de-stress.

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