Wednesday, December 24, 2008

School holiday updates =)

Heez! Heyya! =)

I know I know! It's been a LONG time since my previous entry, and what's with the long wait during a supposedly carefree, laid back, nothing better to do, holiday period. Yeps?

But hey! I've been REALLY really busy. Of course, other than some necessary stuffs, like work, family and friends.. I did a hellavua unnecessary stuffs. Heheheh! >.<

Well, life's a bliss after getting back with Rayner. ^^
Maybe I should update a little regarding this. Hmm, how should I put it? Apparently, lots of thinking and talking to people had been done during the period when we weren't together. I had a totally new mindset and thinking towards this relationship. And that is, to keep everything to it's simplest.

It's very hard to put it into words, but what strike me the most, and made me agreed into "patching" back with him was a mere feeling of, happiness.

Needless to say, his tender loving care, amiable and fun loving personality (plus his endless expensive gifts), and of course, his faithfulness, were important factors which made me went back to him. Heh!

Alright! Now that I'm out of my initial emotional turmoil. Let's set it aside, and move on to other issues.

Work related issue.
Darn, I am freaking poor! I know, it's rather sad to be in this no-money streak on such a wonderful occasion - X'mas. (Nana! You better return the money you owe me!! ARHHH!)

Anw, I got quite a couple of jobs coming up, starting from the last weekend of December till January. In another words, money is rolling in pretty soon. However, sad to say, I forsake a huge contract because of some LAME and moral reasons. Aww. (Actually, it's the middleman damn cheebye) Pardon me for my misconduct, but this shit happened 2minutes ago.

Whatever. Frankly speaking, I really had the intuition or rather, the sixth sense that he's conning or in another words, making great use of other girls. However, that's just my feeling about it. No concrete proves, what so ever. Though I can explain how did my mind derive at the con part, but, nahhh, not very nice to explain it here. Also, it only involves those model babes who are involve.

Hah! So, if you think that you tio con by certain contract, fret not, add me in msn, and we shall see if it's the same one as mine. =) Bastards that try to take advantage of pretty babes should die and be condemn.

Anw, apart from socializing with organisers and photographers online, I spent majority of my free time, watching Taiwanese drama, and GAMING. (I can almost hear Nana screaming when I touch on this Game word)

This, or rather, that, was the first time I ever want to go to a LAN SHOP and spend money to play in a LAN SHOP. Goodness me! What happened to me?! Despite from not behaving like regular girls, ehhhh, the game, damn fun sial!

I have been playing a game called Left4Dead, with fellow gaming friends. Incredibly fun and engaging. Better than sex! (Don't listen to my bullshit) If I am not mistaken, you can download this game into your PC.

It's somewhat like counterstrike cum house of the dead.
Yea yea yea? Get my drift? Hehe! If there's any guys (girls also) out there who are willing to treat me to this lan game, do ask me out yeps? I mean, out to play this game. Hoho!

Don't condemn me for being cheapo alright? For somebody who is surviving on his/her reserves, you got to take pity on them. Come, which kind soul is willing to give me some X'mas donations. Heh!

Alright enough of games.
Come to think of it, I really NEED to exercise for my coming Sunday photo shoot. Exams and holidays are really doing a good job in, KEEPING ME OUT OF SHAPE. =/

Alright, 26th - 27th. Intensive exercising! =/! Hurrhurr.. Gymming with Rayner. =S

Erm, I suddenly lost my frame of thoughts. Ending here!

Merry Christmas! =)

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