Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Financial Accounting 2, Business Statistics and Organisational behaviour results.

Mid semester 2's results for these 3 subjects are out!!!

Financial Accounting 2
I scored 36/50. Which is 72%, a B grade! =)

I am very glad with this result!
Though it's not an A. But given that I failed my mid sem 1, and got a D+ for end sem1. I should be praying and thanking god by now. ^^ Nahh, my cab fares paid off! Wooh!

Business Statistics
I scored full marks! 50/50. 100%, a Z grade!

Goodness gracious! When was the last time I score full marks for important papers? Secondary 1?! Laughs!! Seb (my classmate) scored full marks too! In another words, I am as smart as him! Yay!! Well well, I know I know.. More than 50% of my result was pure luck! Aiyer..

Organisational Behaviour
I scored 18/30. 60%, a C grade.

=/ I am lousy at this! Lol! I simply can't do memorising work! Urghh. Damn, I should really start being a little more attentive during this lesson! -Sulk. The worst part is that, majority did well for this subject! Damn, I am "memorisingly-challenged". -.-

I deserve chocolates, icecreams, and a pat on my head ^^!

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