Saturday, November 15, 2008

So excitedddddd.

I did a photoshoot with Antony also known as deadpoet earlier this morning.

It was so exciting! Antony is really experienced, and he really knows his stuff. It's like, alright, arms here, toes down, drop the other arm, shoulders square, snap snap snap.. We're done with this pose.


Coolness. That shoot was like a breeze.

Before the shoot, I was rather anxious and nervous. Cause, giving his experinces, I was so afraid that I wasn't up to those professional standards. But seems like I did well, with a couple of constructive positive remarks and stuff. =)

That really boost my confidence,
and I am so excited to do my next photoshoot with him.

Best part is that I attained more tips and know-how in modeling.
I always love shoots that give me more outcomes than a beautiful picture.

Now, we shall wait for those pictures. ^^

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