Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A night out, to watch the lights.

Picture entry! =)
I can't recall and am too tired to recall the exact date in which the pictures were taken.
If I am not mistaken, it should be on the 20th Dec.

Asked Rayner out to accompany me to Chanel, to enquire about some stuff. (I realise there's alot of "to(s)" in my sentence.) Also, check out this year's decoration at the same time. Frankly, it's SOO DISAPPOINTING! All those who even bothered to admire Singapore's Christmas deco yearly should notice. The government, or rather, those major buildings, are putting less and less effort in decorating the streets.

Maybe it's because of the financial crisis and recession problem. Sigh.
Not only the streets, my home Christmas deco looks less festive than last years. But Mummy had a lousier reason - lazy to remove the deco after Christmas. Bad enough..

I was sitting on the side of Ngee Ann City. Y'all know the high marble lookalike platform thing? Rayner carried me up there. =D View wasn't that great. Looks like last years deco, plus more candy sticks hanging from the trees. Yikes.

Rayner got me those motorbike 1 dollar icecream while we enjoy the privacy of sitting on such high grounds. People watching ^^

and we decided to camwhore abit. =B

Check out Rayner's mouth! Gross! By the way, it's ice cream in his mouth. It looked like tissue paper from the camera's screen.

It's a all-hair-up day(night)! I think I look rather good with all my hair up. I am so not going to cut my fringe from now on. So that I can tie em all up. Heh!

See that bunch of retards? They freaking walked to us, and sang some Christmas song, which don't sound like those regular Christmas carol we usually hear. And they insisted that we donate any amount for their country's (The Philippines) charity.

Well, I certainly have something to say about this.
They didn't seem to me like a charity organisation, asking politely for donations. Rather, they seemed like terrorist! Rayner and I was on taller grounds, so they were directly underneath us, and continuously repeatedly sing their short homemade Christmas song, in a semi circle formation. !!!!!!!

Rayner gave them all his coins, and they moved on to the next best target. (That poor man in the above picture.)

First try.

Bad. Only my lips were captured in the picture.

Second try.

Better, but still bad. I look like a fish! Where's my hair?!!

Third try.

Better now. But my hair isn't in the frame.
Guess it's been a too long gap between the last time I camwhored. I lost the power of placing the phone at the right spot - to properly capture both of us.

Now with flash.
I think the picture looks better with flash.

How 'bouts a high angle shot??

Anw, I was wearing this pair of killer heels which I bought from Charles and Keith few months ago. Thinking that it's bad for keeping it in the shoe box for an extended period of time, I decided to wear it again. In the hope of somewhat trying to "season" the shoe.

But, it was as painful as all the previous times I wore that pair of heels. =(

So, bobian. Rayner got to jump down, and put plaster on my feet. Heh! Did y'all remember that I love being held at my feet? =))

After that, we had a long walk from Ngee Ann City to some lan shop which I kept frequent-ing nowadays. I totally did not suggest to play lan alright? Ray's friends where they lanning, as asked us to join them in the game of Left4Dead. Hoho!

On the way there,.. we passed by those stretch of shops.
I was telling Rayner about the Santa hats, and he jumped down the higher pavement to the shop and get me one. Hee!

Lovely ba?

In the lan shop...

Oops, Ray's having bad hair.

Sorry for over lightening the picture!
It was really dark initially.. no choice.

I'm your Santarina!
Yeps, in your dreams. =)

Hope that all of you enjoyed your holidays! =)
Merry X'mas!

One last picture before we go..



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