Saturday, December 6, 2008

Huff & Puff. Screams & Cries!

I hate hate hate hate x 79348437259203 graxdrizillizons Managing Business Systems, in short MBS.

I don't freaking understand why this subject is even CREATED rather than I don't know why I am learning it.

And, even if there is a real purpose and helpfulness in learning MBS. I do not see why, I, as an Accounting and Finance student need to learn this freaking subject. Not as though we are business IT student or anything related to computing, or IT studies. Frowns!

Thinking that is useless isn't the greatest barrier I am facing now.
If the subject is lousy, dry and useless. The slides and notes just ought to be great or otherwise, alright, for us students to understand yea? The worst part is that, it isn't even COMPREHENSIVE.

Setting my slight autism of, not being able to read four boxes horizontally, and getting agitated with DIFFERENT FONT/ WORD FORMATS harping on the same topic, aside. The notes are craps.

the LEARNING OBJECTIVES can never be found inside the freaking pages. And if you happen to find them, it's in a different order as the objectives.
Why have the objective slides when it's not related to the other slides?!

the slides content jumps from here to there with irrelevant fig1.1343289 and diagrams in between.

the examples they give.. they don't even label it under which ever example of any relevant topics that we are suppose to know.

the content of the slides are stupid.
Example: How will information system affect business career?

Notes: Finance industry: - the relationship between finance and info system is so strong that many advise finance majors to co-major in info system.

Marketing industry: - no field has undergone more technology-driven change in the past five years than marketing and advertising.

Management industry: -the job of management has been transformed by information system.

Eh, what the hell. Also not answering the freaking objectives question! ARGH! Stupid, no?

How can students study with CRAPS?


Though I am a messy person.
I simply have my set of weirdness which is the exact opposite of what I should have.

I need order.
I need stuff to be standardise.
I need the same font size for the same kind of category.

On the contrary,
my study table can be messy till there is only space for my laptop.
The rest of the table? Fully filled with miscellaneous stuff.

Autism runs in the family.
Papa and mummy bore autistic kids. =/

Argh, I am freaking moaning and dying.
It's like playing the decoding colour/number game. Like you have to decode the complicating stuff to know the 4combinations thingie.. I am like doing it minutes ago. And I have to continue the painful process soon.

Arghhhhh! Why can't the school give us clean and proper notes?
Or better still, just remove this useless subject!

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