Monday, November 10, 2008

Managing Business System: Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 -worksheet

Q1 (benefits)
To prove the innocences and guilt of suspected criminals.
Allows the user to share the available data, and this help to save time(to do the testings) and money(lab).

Q2 (problems)
Privacy risk to the innocents. (for example your traces were left at the crime scence,..)

Q3 (national DNA database)
Shld just be limited to criminals - > (then, moral issues can be questionable. e.g. the purpose of yellow ribbon)
-no right or wrong answer.

Q4 (who needs to access the database)
Policemen. It's part of their jobs to solve crimes.
Doctors. Use it to identify unidentified deceased. <(this is in my own words.)

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