Monday, December 29, 2008

First day of the new semester!


Hope everyone out there has recuperated, enjoyed, slacked, and rot enough to start with this new term! And to those peeps studying in the secondary and JCs, play hard for the last 3 days of holidays!

It's the start of the year (well, almost) and of course, everyone will have their New Year resolution listed down. Likewise, I thought about it during my bus ride home, from school.

Well, 09 will be a tough year! We ought to brace ourselves and prepare for those challenges ahead. Come to think of it, I will be rather on my own in this coming year. =/ Boy will be booking into army in 3 months time. Guess I need to start getting use to photo shoots without bodyguard, nor bag carrier.. =/

Adding on to the financial crisis, the ever increasing price level, and unemployment rate, are signs telling us to be thrifty and competent for money earning opportunities. Though we can't really feel the after effects of the crisis just yet, just do the necessary "precautions" before it really hits us.

So, a huge part of my resolution points down to, saving money.
Follow by, taking good care of the stuffs I buy.

Hmm, it's time to sleep now, so I guess I will pause here. =D
Resolutions will be up on New Year, or the day after.. and my X'mas Eve pictures will be up tomorrow. ^^

Hope to see more response on my dying comment board. (P.s I will reply to comments tmr!)

Nights! Have a good year ahead!

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