Saturday, November 8, 2008

Din Tai Fung.

Yesterday, was the first Friday of the month.
Which also spells, family dinner! =)

Obvious from my title, we went Din Tai Fung @ Bishan Junction 8.

I kindda realised that I hardly blog much of my family stuff here yea? And also, I am damn slow in uploading pictures from my phone/camera into my computer. Laughs! Cause, it never strike me that I should upload them here, only until the memory space is full. Sooo, the problem is, I have very big memory space for my gadgets. Which explains the long-long-upload-all-at-one-shot-and-since-it-was-dated-too-long-its-value-dropped-syndrome.

Orhkay orhkay.
Don't think y'all are interesting in my explanation at all yea?! Fine. Pictures then!!

Acting shy Ivan,
look as though gentle but damn fierce Mummy.

No nonsense Daddy,
with Nana's fatty arm + pinky finger.

And the ever so beautiful us. =)

We ordered...

Pork ribs were tasty!
And almost all table around us ordered this dish.

I really really digg this vege thingie lo!
(Although I wish it was juicier)

And coincidentally, I was thinking about eating vege pao during class before the gathering,
due to the 美食大三通 show I watched in the morning.



Mummy had all the vege paos
strategically placed together with he prawn siew mai for my capture.


This is absolutely tasty.
A simple eggy friend rice. Yumm.
Gosh, I am getting hungry just typing this!


This is not bad,
not spectacular though.

Biangs, can you see the !?
Yumm yummm.

The lady said that, now, is the best season to eat Hairy Crabs.
Cause the is voluptuous and full under that shell!

(Side track: Ever wonder why Hairy Crab is named as 大闸蟹, instead of 大毛蟹? Since it's hairy? Worth a thought yea..)

I think I am a pro-crab eater!
Look at the above.
Nice and clean.

(Unlike Nana and Daddy's. All 碎碎 de.)

and lastly,
how can we not have a

Pity I forgot to take a picture of that!

Lastly, guess what this is. =)

So now, I shall end this entry off with some self shots,..

together with Din Tai Fung's name card. ^^

Till next time!
Muacks to all.

(P.s. I have removed all entries related to that filth. And I can feel the immense pleasure of good karma entering my life. =) )

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