Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Like what the in the?!!
Just 4 days of not going online,
my mail inbox, comment box, friendster, facebook....etc
all packed with mails and updates lahh!

I was working mah!

Okay, and maybe watch like 2 movies and went for some gatherings..

Ahh! Oh well..

And.. my title, 'erm' is for the comments..

Like, excuseme everyone. Can't you see I am busy? (I know you can't)
And everyone, I meant the -ve people. Hahas!
I will reply you slowly yea?.. Say tomorrow?

Arh.. I have like SO MANY things to blog about..
Work, how to spend my money, new buys, new thoughts, videos..

Stupid Tabi, I need some time to get back to you alright?
There is no need to comment me everyday. -- Cause, I will just let your comment flood. And hit "DELETE". Muahhahahs.

Nahhhh~ Kidding.
People are begging me to not stop the show in msn. (how lame)
And Tabi..
You yourself can't seem to get enough of this eh?
Ask yourself, how long has it been, since I last replied to you?

Go out with your boyfriend and get some life bah?

Suggestions are: Swimming,Tennis, Shopping, Beach, Suntanning, Buffet.. etc

Know why I feel that I need to suggest to you?
Cause, I've realized. The only thing you do with him, (lets not talk about behind the doors activities, but outside..) is to go to a pub/club/bar (or whatever you call those drinking place), and he get himself a lil tipsy. Fullstop. That's all you do. Hahas! Maybe once or twice a movie or two? Sad courtship. Tsktsk.

That's all people! I will be ending here.
Most probably delete this and the previous after 1 or 2 additional entries yea? Cos, those two doesnt serve much purposes..

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