Friday, September 5, 2008

Feels young, feels good.

I look like my Secondary 2 school years once again!! =)

But a little more chiseled. ^^

Few years back.

Anw, I am trying to show my newly cut fringe.
Hmm, don't understand why I tried so hard to look old in the past. Maybe it's because of the 5 years age gap. But, it's no longer needed now! Furthermore, many are saying that I look like the older sister of Fiona. Biangs.

Sooo! I don't want to look mature now! I am hitting my twenties so soon! AAAaahhhhh!!!
Need to stay young. Light makeup, fine shimmers, no liners, glossy faint lips, light pick rosy cheek for me! Most importantly, bangs! ^^

Tell me I look younger. Even if it's not 3 years younger. At least 1 or 2???

reversing the evident display of maturing..

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