Monday, September 8, 2008

More of myself - w bangs.

Note before pictures:-

Iiie dunnchh karriiex if iie look liikkex iie'm actx twittx, actx cuutes, xiiao lianns wannabex face. Iiie thinkks pwetties ccan lerx muahhs! =X

Ahhaha! Whatever yea? Get my point ba? Hahas!
Pictures were taken right after I cut my fringe. So, was in the camwhore mode, and the only expressions I could come up with, at that moment, were all those lower sec girls would do.

Sooo, those who miss my lower sec face.
Do enjoy.

you people may go on and puke at my act-cuteness!
(just keep it to yourself.)

A normal looking last picture.

(Oh yah, pardon me for those pixelated pictures alright. It's from my phone, and I simply increase the brightness from the phone that time.. Cos it's kindda dark. == )

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