Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey people!
I'd just woke up from my afternoon-mare. Hahs.
Alrights, it's a supposed nightmare, and since I dreamt it in the afternoon (due to my reverse sleeping hours), I called it afternoon-mare.

Anw. Freaking scary till I ought to share!

It went like this...
It's a bright school day afternoon, and I was supposedly walking home/to school, around YCK area, i.e. near my primary school. And then, I walked under this void deck, and on to this shelter thingie..

THEN, a man, in his late forties, wearing pink checkered long sleeve shirt, with grey trousers, walked towards me, from the back. It's kindda weird cause, the "me" in the dream couldn't see him, whereas, myself, as the "cameraman" could.

The thing is that,..! He started violating me! So, I was screaming and struggling frantically in the dream. And then, I saw those booth babes friends. They were somewhere at the void deck, and they were held back by another man. == So they couldn't help me. (They vanished after that scene)

And so, I was still screaming and.. (you won't believe this), Ridzwan appeared! (p.s. By then, I was striped naked, with gashes all around my back - "cameraman" is at e back)

When he appeared, he came with a broom. I could almost hear the grand entrance of horns playing when he appeared. (????!?!?!) Anw, he managed to get that fucker off me.. While he pinned him down, after giving him several punches, guess what..?

I took the straps of cloth on the floor, initially from my clothing, and strangled that man.

And he died.

Right in front of my eyes. (I magically became the first person)

With his eyes wide open..

his face red and bloated.

Typing it out still gives me shudders. -brrr.

Anw, I told mummy about it moments ago.
Funny that she asked, "有没有血?"
I don't know where she got that theory from,
but she said, "有血就好咯.."

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