Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Must buys!

Now that I am so much richer than 2 days ago. I need to draft out a shopping list.

Not really a list.. But just some items that I can't wait to buy.

1. Vidal Sassoon 1/1.5 inch curler
(Budget: $60)

2. Black glossy lipstick
(Budget: $35)

3. Jeans
(Budget: $150)

From the picture : Level99 Jeans

From the picture : Citizens of Humanity Jeans

From the picture : Stitch Jeans

From the picture : Ed Hardy Jeans

And, yah yah yahhhhh, all those jeans featured on top have a price ranged from, $300 - $600.
And I know my budget is considered ridicules-ly little as compared to the above. BUT, I can always buy something similar yea?

Anw, main idea of posting those pictures here is for me to have a good look at the colours and cut available in the market. Actually, I've seen more that I love. But yea, shouldn't post too much.

4. Knee-high Gladiator .... or...
(Budget : $40)

From the picture : Alexander McQueen Gladiator (S$2,000)

(Budget : $60)

From the picture : Carmen thigh-high Stiletto Boot, from Bebe (S$200+)

Alrights. I shall stop here. =) I don't know why I am eyeing all those dark and black stuff, when I did made a mental note to buy white stuff. Hmm... I am not a snow white person afterall. Who cares? =) Anw, these purchases will be good for this fall/winter. ^^

(p.s. I should probably add a stylish black sequined rain coat yea? >.< Since it's been raining all this while... Lol! )

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