Friday, July 2, 2010

Step by step guide : To mega huge dolly eyes

I know, it's been a long time since I last did a tutorial.
I'm sorry! I'm undergoing stress these days.
So, kinda grabbing on to as much private time I can have resting.

Anyway, as promised, 
I am going to show y'all how to acheive the eyes I had when I went Zouk last Friday.

Here we go! :)
Though I don't think it's great work done,
but hope y'all like it!


Step 1: It's all about the lenses.
It's simple, the larger the circumference of the lenses, the larger the eyes.
I was wearing brown lenses at the Zouk picture, 
but I've yet to wash them properly, so I wore my grey ones.

Oh, pardon my eyebrows, I haven't find the time to trim them.

Step 2: Colours that pop!
If you readers have eyes like mine (narrow double eyelid),
note that the trick to have seemingly larger eyes lies in the bottom of the eyes, and not the lids.
No worries about looking like a panda!
Simply choose eye shadows with high jewel content.
They'll lessen the tendency of messy panda eyes.
*Point 4 is crucial and a must for large dolly eyes!

Step 3: Black lines.
The reason for a thin eyeliner is to show as much double eyelid as possible.
Taking my eyes for an example, I have only a narrow area in the fold.
So, a thin line will define my eyes, yet not make the double eyelid disappear.
*It is important to join the end of the eyeliner 
with the bottom dark eyeshadow.
This step visually increases the eye area.

4. Fan-like eyelashes.
I believe most of you are already familiar with this step.
False eyelashes and much mascara!

Step 5: Don't forget the bottom.
Note to wear false bottom eyelashes with transparent bone.
It gives a more natural look as compared to those with a black bone.

Do leave a comment, at the comment section below.
Share your exp/pictures if you've tried this tutorial.
Ask me questions, share some tips, etc.
Hope to see some response.


(p.s. I know this contact lens don't suit me, as my hair colour is too warm. But I was lazy to wash e brown lens.)
(p.s.s. I think I should do a video in the future to better share some tips, tricks and techniques with y'all.)

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