Monday, July 26, 2010

Elo Elmomo Milo! iPhone Randomness.

Hey all! I am blogging via iPhone!
I'm currently shamelessly sitting at one of the tables outside KFC of FarEastPlaza (alone) typing away.

Ugh, it's such a pity that blogger mobile doesn't have the function to upload pictures directly from the phone into the blog entry. I was thinking of sharing some pictures from my iPhone folders with y'all. Guess I'll have to load 'em to my comp then upload 'em here..

God I'm so bored now I wish I could blog on my laptop. (My sister just called and my heart sank, thinking that this entry gna be unsaved and deleted! But no it's still here.)

I should probably shop since I'm alr at FEP yea? But no! I can't seem to find things I like (that is worthy to buy). I think I am going to borrow sewing books from the library and (hopefully) make some wearable clothes. I mean, don't you think SGD$40 for those maxi skirts with just the spandex thingie for the waist part is too much? I'll just buy the cloth and hand sew one for myself lo! It'll be fitting and def cheaper than $40!

I should probably play iPhone games than blog eh? But I'm afraid I'll make a geek face while playing (which I probably will). That's why I only play iPhone games in the toilet. So no one can see my geek face.

I think I should add a new category into my blog. iPhone Randomness. Idea ah?! iPhone randomness it shall be!

Ahh! I can't think of anymore to say.


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