Sunday, July 18, 2010

Step by step guide : Asiprin exfoliating mask.

Today, I am going to show y'all how to make my ultimate all time favourite DIY mask.
 But before I start, I have to stress that this mask are not for people who are allergic to aspirin.
So, if your doctor says you can't eat aspirin, it's best to not put it on your face either.

I believe that many of you (girls esp) out there often hear makeup gurus like Ricebunny and Petrilude raving about Aspirin masks.
But the problem is that, they reside in the states, and the exact products they use are not available to us in SG.
But I found something that's save for the face in local pharmacy!

These are the items you'll need.
You can purchase Disprin from any local pharmacy. I got mine from Unity. It's like $7+?
Note to use non-metal stuff when dealing with honey. 
Honey is in it's simplest form, and it might cause certain reaction w metals. 
(Papa told me that, idk how true it is, but yaa.)
Any regular honey will do!

A teenee bit of water will do.
Actually, it comes with practice. Too much water will cause the concoction to be runny.
Which isn't what you want, as you want the mask to stick onto your face, and not drool down.
Do this mask often enough and you'll get the best mix!
I've been doing this for 2yrs+. So mine's super zai for my face size.

Honey helps to moisturize, leaving your skin super smooth.
If you are allergic to honey, you can substitute honey with aloe gel (my sis says aloe gel doesn't work well)!
It is not advisable to use aspirin alone.
It might be a lil drying, and the aspirin powder will fly everywhere when the water dries.

This is the last step!
This mask can be use as a cleanser, so you don't have to use your regular cleanser after.
Pat your skin with a dry towel after exfoliating, and clean your face with a non-alcoholic toner.
(I'm using the toner from Simple, the entire range is for sensitive skin.)
And I always complete the entire mask thingie with Evian facial spray.
(Though I think it's optional, but it just feels good. ^^)

Do this 3 times a week, and I swear that your skin condition will improve tremendously.
Both my sister and I have been putting this stuff on our skin for years.
And we have one of the most sensitive skin type around.
So, if my skin can take this, I believe there shouldn't be any problem for you!!

Aspirin is made out of salicylic acid also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid, BHA for short. BHA is an exfoliate and has anti-inflammatory properties. It causes the cells on the epidermis to unstick itself, removing the dead skin cells off and allowing regrowth for new skin. Studies have shown that BHA improves wrinkles, hyper pigmentation of the skin, photodamaged skin, roughness and acne. [source]

Honey can be used as a mild antiseptic. When raw honey is mixed with water, it produces hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic and can be used on cuts and abrasions. Honey promotes new tissue growth. Honey makes a great exfoliant. It contains mild alpha hydroxy acids, such as gluconic acid. These acids are very safe to use on skin and can loosen bonds between the dead skin cells, making it easier to shed this dead layer. These acids also increase elasticity, balance out oily skin, stimulate collagen production, and minimize lines and wrinkles. Honey contains amino acids, which help the skin retain its essential moisture. [source]

Give this mask a try, leave a comment below!
I hope this works for y'all! Because it has fantastic effects on me!
Okay, I am off to making another serving of this mask for myself!
Tata, enjoy!


  1. Where did you get your aspirin? I can't find it anywhere :(

  2. hi pretty , i read the other article and they uses "Aspirin". Is there any difference from "Disprin" that you're using ? sorry for my ignorance.

  3. Fairprice Unity. Ask the counter!

  4. Hey, it's the same! Dispirin is just the brand name. Cos, the aspirin they carry is not coated, thus dissolves faster. So they got their name from the word "DISSOLVE".

  5. so is it ok to use other types of aspirin?

  6. So long it's a non-coated aspirin will do. But if you are from SG, if I am not mistaken, Dispirin is the only choice..

  7. hey ure wonderful. thx for the help. im from sg. however im only able to find this brand bayer. hmm. is it an option?

  8. Bayer is coated right? Can't use that. You can go to Unity (the NTUCfairprice pharmacy) and get Dispirin there. :)

  9. Bayer is expensive, and I think it's coated right? You can't use that. Buy Dispirin from Unity (you can find this pharmacy beside NTUC).

  10. Bayer is about $6.20 from Unity now. That is also the only kind of Aspirin I can find currently. I have been to almost 5 unity and all the response I get - no more Dispirin. Help Jocelyn!

  11. They are no longer selling Dispirin? Omg really? THANK GOD I BOT 2 BOX THE OTHER TIME. WAHAHAHA! Anyway, I'll go unity and check the Bayer out. You can use it so long the aspirin is NOT COATED. ;)

    Will keep y'all updated.

  12. Can you please tweet whether Bayer can be use if you do check it out? I am your follower (: