Friday, July 16, 2010


Heyyayyayyay! How have y'all been!? It's been such a hectic hectic hectic week for me! I'm so glad it's coming to an end! It was really saddening yesterday and I just want to share it on my blog! I woke up in the morning knowing that I was dead drunk the night before (cfm fucking paiseh, and I never ever want to go through it in my life ever again). And thereafter, receiving a text message from my classmate saying that I failed one of my class test (with 1 mark). FMLBT!

You know, I'm not that kind that fail tests and exams. Taking 听写 (chinese spelling test) aside -.- , I don't recall failing anything before. Ugh, what a let down to my personal well-being. I'm extremely irresponsible for allowing myself land at this stage LAH. But you know what? One fail is enough, imma get myself back on track! :)

People! Have a great weekend, and remember never to let yourself down!

(p.s Love my colourful pastel nails? Looking at it totally made my day. ^^)
(p.s.s Do check back tmr at 5.55pm to read Saturday Love.)

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