Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heels. I like them parallel.

If I have to name one greatest weakness, it got to be SHOES. Well, particularly heels.
Wearing and buying a new pair of heels is like the happiest joy ever. So much to the extend whereby my cheeks will flush with the inner-most desire. (I sound like I am writing some erotic stories. Ehem.) Well, in fact, merely seeing pictures of them from the net gets my adrenaline pumping!! Like I said, greatest weakness. I'm like obsessed.

Anw, I had this new realisation just minutes before writing this entry. My favourite favourite kinda shoes which makes my heart beat 96543213x faster, are actually platforms with heels that are parallel. O.O!

I bet everyone knows my love for Miumiu Spring Summer 2010 collection.

 Notice the heel? It's like a parallel block! Omg loves! I seriously don't understand why local MiuMiu stalls aren't selling SS collections lo! It's still summer what!? Why are the selling FW collections already! *insert sad face. I absolutely LOVE the shape of the heels from this collection. I'm so glad that I've yet to see any girls doning this heartthrob of mine in Singapore. Otherwise, I would just cry and die, like on the spot.

Another favourite of mine has to be Balenciaga Fall Winter 2010 collection.
(I can't seem to find the campaign pictures, maybe they are not out yet? - how can it be!?)

Look at the heel. Yes! Parallel block. Seriously. I really LOVE such heels. In fact, I love the flap thingie too. But that's not the main point now. Haha. Fashion is seriously sick. To be very honest, I've never ever liked Balenciaga previous collections. Ugly. But, all it takes it just one cool concept, one brilliant idea, and tahbah. All eyes on you. Poof and in the limelight. Sick! Click to see their Balenciaga FW 2010. Really chio! Futuristic and all.


I am no designer, nor artsy fashion people. But I really wish I could one day design and manufacture my own shoes. I've been having this thought for a long time now. Mr. Salty agree that I should give it more thought, and weigh the feasibility of it. Ahh, but definitely not now. Imma go back to my business calculus book, and do some practice.


  1. these are pretty but they are not very comfortable to wear isn't it?

  2. Hey hun. what car is your boyfriend driving?

  3. Well, I don't know, because I don't own any of 'em. =( But they look pretty comfy to me. Haha!

  4. Wow. That's a very random question. Anyway, he's just driving a very humble Lancer EX. Nothing fanciful. =)

  5. why your heart will beat 96543213x faster? this seems like a hp no. hahaha

  6. Hi..Jocelyn!
    I saw a video about a thai song in one of your entries?
    do you speak thai?
    you like thai things too?
    thanks! good day...

  7. Haha!! I randomly typed that! Omg, please don't call that "number". Skully the person wanna sue me for sabotage!

  8. Haaha! I don't speak thai. Hmm, I used to frequent thaiclubs. Maybe that has a lil influence in me.