Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stress much.

I've been seriously undergoing stress. And stress equates to pimples, which in turn cause me even more stress than what I was already experiencing. It's like a viscous! Boohoo. Hopefully, the anti-biotics prescribed by the doctor is going to work. Fingers crossed, and praying hard.
Anyway, other than pimples, I am mainly stressed about 1) school, and 2) my weight. I know it's a little kuku about 2) weight. I'm just 40kg. But honestly, I've been gaining weight, judging that I was just 37kg previously, and I haven't the time to exercise like how I used to about a year back (I ran 2.4km every other day). Fats and cellulite are seriously starting to haunt me. It's like I feel so sorry for myself, for allowing myself come to this stage. Ugh.

Stress much. Unhappy much.

(p.s. My hair condition seems good from this picture right? It's like the only good thing about this entry. Heh. )
(p.s.s I'll introduce this very effective hair product to y'all in my coming entry! Wait up!) 
(p.s.s.s I am taking off the stress in real life, and blasting it into the cyber world.)

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