Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Love - This ol' man.

Many of y'all have been asking, and yes. Mr. Salty is 27yo, and here I am, being 19yo. 
If you do the math, we're 8years apart.

If you were to ask if I prefer dating younger or older men, I think I am going to choose the latter.
Not as if younger guys are lousy or not as attractive, don't get me wrong.
But I think older men are more "emotionally and financially stable".
 It's like, what more can I ask for, right.

But then again, dating a guy that 27yo when I'm still a teen has it down sides too.
He's working hard, crafting and approach the peak of his career, thinking of marriage in 3 years or so.
Whereas here I am, yearning for more attention, playful, schooling, yet to start a career.
More often then not, he's tired. And doesn't have the necessary energy to do what young people like to do.
He hates to club, and he falls asleep in the movies. Hurr. T.T
But then again, dating an older guy is like love on a whole new level altogether!
It's like, there's so much trust and respect. 
So much lesser stuff to quarrel about. So little problem to deal with.
It's almost a blissfully married kinda feeling.
I don't know how to put it. Haha.

I'll leave the rest for next week!

(P.s. Do check back at 10.10am tmr! Another Step by step guide/tutorial will be up!)

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