Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Love - Introducing Mr. Salty

As mentioned in one of my entries below, I am seeing someone.
And, if you've been following my Twitter, you should prolly know that he's referred to as,

So, why is he called Mr. Salty?
Alright. This gna be funny.

He was a fatty when he was a kid.
Fatty as in real deal fat kinda fat boy.
(p.s. So he's still fat in his IC. Which is damn hilarous!)

Anw, being fat, his teacher chose him to be Mr. Salty in some health awareness week thingie.
And he was to do up a skit to be presented to the school.

The start of the speech was,
"Hello every body, I am Mr. Salty."

And now, he has become, my Mr Salty.

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