Monday, May 17, 2010

KL Trip. [Part2]

If you have yet to read part 1,
click here.

Anyway, as continued from the previous entry,
we managed to get into our hostel.
Hmm, basically, we just sticked around the hall of the hostel, 
watching cableTV, and surfing the internet before we can check in at 9am.

Well, other than lazying around,
we did do a bit of research, as to where to go, places of interest and stuff.
Heh, this is a wrong demonstrating alright?
People, we should first research about the city BEFORE going there,
not AFTER.

So, being afraid to get lost,
I look many pictures of the map around our hostel.
Btw, the hostel is right beisde Petaling Street, the China Town of KL.

This is our room.
A really tiny double decker bed, 
with lamp at the bottom, and a simple dressing at the other side of the wall.
$18per pax/night.

And yes, we were greeted by a mozzie.
Both Nana and I spent a good 15mins chasing that mozzie.

Think Nana was the one who slapped it.
 (Was it?? Nana, please verify.)

After the "action" in our room,
we decided to explore the places near our hostel.

This is PenJaja Gallery Jalan Sultan.
It's a foodie wet market kinda place.

I made a new friend from the market.
Look, they sell HUGE CHICKENS in the market.
If only they have such stuff in Singapore.
All our chickens are fat and flabby,
just like me. =$

Then we stroll into Petaling Street,
and spent close to an hour in a shop selling nail polishes and all the what-nots that girls need.
Bought a pair of shades, 12 nail polishes and 12 packets of double eyelid stickers.

As mentioned from the previous entry,
both Nana and I were heaty and having somesorta flu.
So we entered this herbal stall and ordered this 


We went back to Penjaja Gallery for Asam Laksa,
before going back to the Hostel for an afternoon nap.

The weather was a killer,
so we concluded that it's best to stay indoors till the evening.

Till the next entry..=)
Stick around.

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