Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Belated BD to "my only friend".

I met up with Joy 3 days back to celebrate meetup for her birthday.
Her birthday falls on 2 Feb, and it's 22 June when we finally get to meet up.
It's rather saddening that the current lifestyle that we both lead are busy beyond believe!
She's free when I am not.
And I am free when she's not.

For those of you readers who stick around long enough,
you should probably know that I love to say that I have only 1 close friend in Seconday school.
Tadahh! This is her!
The one who's with me throughout the thick and thin of my #$F!uc&k^e%dup$# sec life.
 Hugs and kisses for her. xoxo.

Anyway, we met up in CityHall, and had dinner in Kenny Rogers (was it?).
And we sat around, taking Polaroids, and sharing about all those stuff that we missed!
Aww! So much to talk about. Lol!

Once again, Happy Belated Birthday Joy!

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