Monday, June 14, 2010

KL Trip. [Part3]

So this is a continuation from Part 2!
Part 2 ended with an afternoon nap.
So here's AFTER the nap.

So, when we got out of our hostel after the nap,
this is the first picture we took!
 Nana says that the guy in the phonebooth matches me.

And there's this HUGE stair at the corridor outside our hostel.
Damn lol right!?

Anyway, it was dinner time when we got out.
And we decided to try this awesome awesome Bak Kut Teh!
 Though it's been quite a while,..
but I never fail to forget that the weather was fantastical that evening!

I'm hungry LOOKING at these pictures!
It was cheap and mad tasty!!

Very empty bowls.

After having that awesome meal,
we tasked ourselves into hiking our way to the train station,
and to this place where we can buy our coach tickets back to S'pore.
We concluded that it's cheaper to buy it in M'sia as compared to buying it in S'pore.

It took us quite a long walk to finally see Hotal Puduraya!
The station is suppose to be AT there.
How odd.

Ooh, see that blue container thingie?
It's a atas looking stand-alone toilet.
And I remember being shouted at for photographing that toilet.

Sooo, when we finally got to the bus place..
We got to know that it's beside this University or something?
So we gave our tired feet a rest and took some pictures!

I don't really love using such effect-y stuffs.
But ahwells.

Let's all scream,
The peanut + chili sauce concoction was DAMN nice.
It's 1RM per stick!
The cockle stick was my favourite!

Why don't we see this kind of lok-lok stalls outside our train stations?

guess where we went after we settle our coach tickets issue?

How random ya?!
Petaling Street was too warm and full of fake goods..
So, we went to play STACKO at a nearby Starbucks instead.

After our playtime at Starbucks.
We got hungry, again.

So we ended that night with,
Ramly's Burger!
There's this burger stand on our way back to the hostel from the street.

That's all for Day1.
Stick around for the other days!
Till next time!

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