Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Advertorial - Salon VIM

Hey people!
Today, I am introducing Salon VIM to you.
I've been frequenting Salon VIM lately.
And I must say, 
their services are two thumbs up.

As y'all know,
this hair of mine went through several transformations in the past 3 month.
(5 sessions of hairdyes for work as well as vanity)

And so, I was called up by Salon VIM for a sponsorship. ^^
Haircut + Signature hair treatment. 

4 steps to b e a u t i f u l h a i r. =)

The above is Step 2 of the Signature Hair Treatment.
This "ALIENIC" thingie is actually for better absorption of the product.

Oh, did I not mention,
Salon VIM holds a huge range of L'Oreal Professionnel products.

Other than the sponsored cut+treatment,
the people from VIM gave me hair care products for home use!!
A w e s o m e.

I am going to show y'all my basic hair care tutorial in the next entry,
using these wonderful products.

The end results from that day. =)


Anyway, I went back to VIM again,
to get my hair straightened + dyed.


I look damn Jap yea? Highlights, updo and all.
really got to share this with y'all.

I had a very bad haircut previously, over at some chapalang salon.
And my hair was ultra unmanagable.
Soo, my stylist, Titus over at VIM came up with an awesome solution.

He decided to straighten/reborn, only the top, short part of my hair.
This was suchhh a smart idea I swear.
It looks neat, tame, but not dead flat.

Matte brown hair. ♥
Thanks to LO'real Professionnels.

some goody for you peeps!

Just be reminded that 
you got to mention about this privilege to the stylist
before consultation!

Tel: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09, 
Singapore 238895

And no, you don't have to print and cut out the above coupon look alike thingie.

So, do you love my latest hair?


  1. Hi dear

    may i ask what colour did u dyed???

  2. In this advert, the dye is, matte brown.