Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party nights.

I'd decided not to post many entry-fulls of party pictures.
Think it kinda gets mundane and monotonous after a while ya?
It's just pictures, pictures, and blah pictures.
There's really nothing much I can comment and share about..
So, I am going to combine all of those party pictures that I've yet to post into a single entry!

Many pictures from ButterFactory ahead!*

[051210. Ladies night @ Butter Factory]
Click the link to see the rest of the pictures from the same night!

[060410. Hennesy Artistry Party @ St. James Powerhouse]

That was a crazy night!
Anyway, see that monkey!?
The Vibe Party Animal.
Click him and add him into your Facebook!

[061610. Ladies Night @ Butter Factory]
No, that Yoshii wasn't the Party Animal of that night.
It was a catch by Derek.
Damn cute and cuddly!

[062510. Zouk]

So that is it!
5 nights of partying in the last 1 month.
And, I am so glad that I have friends who make partying damn fun for me.
Aww. xoxo.


Oh yah, 
I have VIP list open for all ladies on all Wednesdays, ButterFactory.
Simply queue at the VIP line, and drop my name.
You'll get through, no worries!
(Don't forget your IC.)
Let me know if you are coming,
so we can snap some pictures tgt!!

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