Monday, June 21, 2010

What's your Facebook name?

I'm Freddy Fuckyouinsideout Lim.
I'm Cristine Canihugyou Tay.
I'm Sammy Soyouthinkyoucandance Lee.
 I'm Annie Areyousleeping Tan.

Truth be told, that isn't my Facebook name. BOOHOO! But honestly, I've been seeing an increasing trend of fanciful Facebook names. Which (I must admit) are so much so much cooler/creative/funny/interesting than that of Friendster's "trendy" names 3 years back.

I'm XiiaoConfuse.
I'm BabyPainn.
I'm AhhBoii.
I'm XiaoGerlx.
I'm AhGiirl.

You got to admit that those Friendster names are SO LAME right? I mean, I think I have at least 10 Ahboys (in various spellings) and 20 Ahgirls (in various spellings) in my Friendster account. Anyway, you can call me boring. I am called Jocelyn Kau in both accounts.

So what's the best (fanciful) Facebook name you ever come across?

Mine got to be,
Micheal* Must Lose Weight.

Damn innovative right?!
Really, kudos to this person man!
It's the most ku-so and I would say, EFFECTIVE name ever.
(p.s. Actually, this entry is just to credit "Micheal* Must Lose Weight" for coming up with this name)

*Names are changed to protect the identity of the actual person.

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