Monday, June 21, 2010

Advertorial - Salon VIM

Just 2 weeks ago, I visited SalonVIM for yet another hair transformation. =)
This time I added really subtle highlights to my hair!

See that guy wearing a checkered jacket?
That's my new stylist - Melvin.
He's really gentle and professional in his work.
And that's his assistant at the left.

Given that my hair's been through many chemical treatments,
Melvin gave my hair ends extra attention by applying pre-treatment.

See the zig-zag lines in the graphic on the right?
This is called the Mountain Road Technique.
Unlike the conventional techniques,
mountain road technique allows the hair to achieve subtle highlights,
that can be seen in whichever hairstyles that you wear.

Be sure to tell the stylist you want to use this technique for your highlighting!

Melvin recommended to fuse the Signature Repair treatment into the usual Signature Colour.
Which was such a brilliant idea. 
You guys should be quite familiar with the Signature Colour treatment,
which I mentioned in my previous advertorial for VIM.

This time, I shall introduce Signature Repair for damaged hair to you!

My hair follicles were rather weak from excessive chemical exposure, and styling.
(Especially when hairstylist back comb my hair during photoshoots assignments. =/ )
 If y'all can see the small section of the above picture on the bottom left,
this treatment actually helps rebuild hair!

My hair looks so glossy after the treatment!
Anw, I did a temporary perm to further accentuate the colours.
I am thinking of perming my hair in the next session I have with SalonVIM!
What do you think?

Oh yah, some of my readers have been asking me about the perm.
Well, you can go to SalonVIM, and look for Melvin, and ask for a Korean perm!
(Or, you can save my picture and show it to him!)

Oh yah!
GSS promotion has been extended!

Salon VIM| Melvin Koh
(t) 6884 7757

SalonVIM is situated at 
313@Somerset L4-07

Just remember to quote my name 
before the consultation!

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