Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Advertorial - CREATE2011

"If only we could tele-port, the world would be such a wonderful place!"
"If only we could store knowledge in our brains with just a microchip, 
the world would be such a wonderful place!"

Millions of wonderful ideas are made, shared, and forgotten in our daily lives.
I bet many of you ever hear your friends, or in fact yourself saying something likewise.

So, guess what?
Today's YOUR chance!

I was invited by Nuffnang to attend the launch of this wonderful event.

And the event was hosted by
They were h i l a r i o u s .

Six lovely bloggers, including yours truely, was invited!

These were the stuffs given to us for the event.
6-inch hotdog w popcorn combo set. Weet!
(Just in case you are wondering, yes the hand is photoshopped on.)

Anw, see the blue squarish thingie hanging off the long cardboard tube?
It's a sticky tattoo thing with a CREATE2011 logo.
I can't say how many times Muttons stressed all of us to try it when we get home.
Which I did.

Muttons said,
"Go to the webby, and let the magic happen.."
Well, it kinda did..
Click here to see the magic.

For those who missed the exciting happenings at the event,
you can click here, to watch the CREATE2011 Launch video.

There was this section during the launch where 
last year's winner was invited to share their experience.
The winner of CREATE2010 is from Raffles Institution.
The above was what they "created".
Damn innovative, and all for a good cause!

What are you waiting for : CREATE2011

Come up with something new and spectacular!
Because, there are awesome prices to be won!

I am going to put on my thinking cap and start the creative juices flowing.

How about storing heat energy that was lost on the roads through friction,
and convert it into usable energy?!
Like for the street lamps or something?

For all you know, I might be the winner of CREATE2011!
Now, who's in my team.

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