Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old parties pictures!!

As said, better late than never! =)
The "rate" of attending parties have decreased since school starts, and I am almost, alllmooostt done with uploading/blogging mooossttt of my party pictures. cheers! ^^

Well, not much to talk about,..
Enjoy the pictures!

[3 Oct]

MC Monkey King aka Yama

The see the rest of the album, click : 100309. Fresh at SocialHouse.


I was lobster red that night! %$^%$@!!!!?

The see the rest of the album, click : 100709. Butter Cookies!


[10 Oct]

Vibe Party Girls Debut! =D

This dress is sponsored my American Apparel!
Anyway, look at the guy on the left. Wtf right? The girl on him is like wasted.
And his face is like that. =.=

Cherre is too tall! I'm NOT too short. Lalalla!

Cherre, Joanna, Jocelyn, Apple, Serene.
Our dresses are sponsored by Kai.

Before heading to SocialHouse that night,
all of us went up to the office of Vibe.

And, we kept hawking onto the toilet. Lol!

The view from the office is sooooo nicee~!!!

It's the SOHO building, which is on top of The Central.
ClarkeQuay looks so beautiful from up there. All the lights and all..~
Almost romantic.

The see the rest of the album, click : 101009. Vibe Party Girls Debut!


Alrighty, =)
I shall end here today! ^^ It's Halloween celebration tonight. Please, don't coop at home and sulk/sleep/study the night away. Come out to partaayyeeee~!! I will be at SocialHouse! And you'll see EVERYONE dressed up for Halloween! Gna be a sight.

(Free entry through my guestlist! Queue at the normal queue and quote my name yea! ^^ Mua~ Seeya tonight!)

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