Friday, October 30, 2009

Come party with me this Halloween!

Though I don't look the part, but I do go by the rules. So, I'm finally legal (turned 18 during July), which means, this year, is my very first ENTRY to the Halloween Parties! Yays! =) Mind you, I am EXTREMELY excited! ^^

So, where will my beautiful babes and I be this Halloween??
Like duh??! SocialHouse of course! =D

FRESH pays tribute to Social House as part of our Halloween Blowout. After three months of providing you with the most talked about parties in Singapore at Social House, FRESH will be moving on to a larger venue in November because it's simply not big enough to handle us
(stay tuned for details!!).

In the meantime, come by and catch FRESH at Social House for the LAST TIME; It's Halloween so we'll be expecting a full house just like the past few weeks. Jam away in your sexiest or most pimp costume you have, hit the beer bong, and let's show some love to all of those dope memories we all shared at SocialHouse!!

Everyone will enjoy Free Entry all night with costume! =)

GUYS Cover Charge: SGD28 (Comes with 2 drinks)
LADIES Cover Charge: SGD15 per entry (Comes with freeflow 11pm - 2am)

And as per the previous weeks, I have unlimited guestlist for EVERYONE! There are little changes. Please queue by the USUAL queue (not VIP), but quote my name when you reach the bouncer/door bitch.

Now, the exciting part!
What will I be wearing tomorrow?!??! Hohohoho! SECRET! Buahahahas. But I have some pictures to share. I went out with my girlfriends, and got all the Halloween stuffs ready! Awesome!

Lots and lots of pictures in Facebook!

So, to see the rest of the pictures, click : 102909. Halloween Shopping!

Seeya tomorrow!! =)
I'm so excited to wear my outfit! Haha ^^.

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