Thursday, October 29, 2009

Webcam with "Taiwan Boys"! *squeal*

Yea.. I wish.
They are normal born n breed Singaporean guys! =)

Few really awesome friends of mine went Taiwan (and are still there) since last Thursday! Miss them loads! So nice that there's something called a webcam yea? Haha! Been really actively using webcam nowadays. Which explains the total lack of updates here!

Pictures/Screenshots to share! (Well, I didn't upload all to the internet. Some are for personal keepsake! Awwww!! Muahhas! No la,.. I'm just not so mean! Hoho!)

Group shot!

Say cheeze! That's Derek.

Xavier's sleeping..

This really cute!
Hamburger Baey!

And then, we were introduced to this awesome programme called OOVOO!
It enables multiple participants in a webcam conference thingie!

Celeste!! ^^

To see the rest of the pictures from the same album, click : 102309. Webcam Taiwan Boys!

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